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The land down unda’

G’day, mate!

It’s finally happened. After more than a decade of wanting to visit the land down under, I am finally in Australia.

And it is fantastic.

Let’s start from the beginning though.

Our flight was at seven o’clock Sunday morning. Since we had to drop off our rental car with enough time to be shuttled to the airport, that meant getting up at 4:30. We drove to the place, got shuttled over, and found our check-in line by 5:30 – and then the waiting began. Jetstar, which has been great and incredibly fast on our last couple flights with them, had two people working the desks – one of whom was clearly a new employee.

Our baggage area apparently closed at 6:15am, and we definitely would have been done before that, except we added some baggage we didn’t expect.

As we were waiting in line, a frantic mother and her child approached us, asking if we were going to Gold Coast. Apparently, the airline wouldn’t let her child fly unaccompanied, even though he was older than 15 and had a passport, because he didn’t have his school ID. She practically begged us to chaperone Kurtis onto the flight, and we, being great people, obliged. It took a bit longer to check us in because they had to move our seats so the three of us could sit together.

We eventually got checked in and through security, right as the last call for our flight was being broadcast. We took a little bus out to the plane and boarded, and were on our way by 7:15am.


Thanks to the flight duration and time zone change, we landed at 7:15am in Australia. We saw Kurtis reunited with his father, who thanked us profusely. After they departed, I decided to withdraw some Aussie currency.


We had a quick airport breakfast, and then Kylie’s friend Mikayla picked us up. Thankfully, she offered us the spare room in her house, saving us probably THOUSANDS (???) of dollars in possible rent.

Her home is absolutely beautiful. The whole concept of it is based on a constant barrage of nice weather – open rooms, light sea-breeze blowing through – and is perfect for the part of town it’s in.


The best part is, it’s only a two-minute walk to the beach. We basically got here, dropped our bags and changed, and headed out to check out the beach. We didn’t stay long this first time.

It happened to be Celebrate Gold Coast Day, so we took off to a big event with lots of different tents and activities and whatnot. After exploring that for a bit, we returned home and went to the beach for real. But not before stopping at the store to get some Aussie swag.


We built sandcastles and swam in the ocean and enjoyed the sun before heading back to shower and hit up the town – and by that, I mean buy some beer. Which we enjoyed while watching Brave which is actually a pretty good movie okay?

I didn’t have too much opportunity to take pictures (clearly) as my camera was stowed and my phone was running out of juice. Plenty more to come over the next nine days, though!

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No shoes, no problem

Hey all! Happy Easter! It’s been a week since my last post.  That’s mostly because a) how do you follow a post about the royals, and b) Christchurch got with the program and started having really nice weather, so I’ve been outside. Way to go, Christchurch!

In the last week, Kylie finished up her schooling for the holidays – they get a two week holiday for some reason, but hey, we’re not complaining – we explored the city a bit, saw another movie, and bought lots of discounted chocolate. We also found an XBOX One and tried it out.


I also received a nice little package from home. We had to let it thaw out, as it was still frozen from its time in Canada (HA!). Some of the people here had never even seen a FedEx box before!


So yeah, that’s weird. Another weird thing I learned this week about New Zealand – they don’t care if you wear shoes. And with the recent good weather, I’ve been toughening up my soles.


Okay, yes, admittedly that is me standing in some grass. But I swear, you’re allowed to go shoeless anywhere. We even saw a few guys in the mall in bare feet, and one went into Domino’s (yes they have that here!) naked below the ankle.

Not too much else is going on at the moment. By night, Kylie and I have been catching up on The Walking Dead – finally all caught up, and WOW – and by day, this is what I get to enjoy.


I’ve been spending some time writing, and the beginnings of my project are starting to take form. It’s exciting to see something that has been just an idea for so long take shape. I even bought paper and pencils to sketch out maps and stuff.

Other than that, we’re just planning for our week-long trip to Queenstown. From what I can gather, it’s quite the touristy town, so there will definitely be some sweet blog posts and pictures in the next little while. Follow me on Twitter so you don’t miss anything!





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