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I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

Guys and gals, when it comes to internet-related things, I’d consider myself a veteran. I’ve seen a lot of shit – from the early beginnings on the kid-friendly Neopets, to the teen-thrilling Runescape, where I was more likely to be called rude names or start flame wars than to complete quests, to everyday internet scourges where images that could be – probably are – offensive to some people pop up. What I’m getting at, here, is that it’s hard to offend me on the internet or otherwise (I play Halo 4 online and don’t even flinch). But today, I came across something on the internet that offended me, and it should offend you too.

A fellow by the name of Taylor Caniff was the subject of quite the Twitter brawl this evening. Now, I hadn’t heard of this kid before today, so in case you haven’t, here are the details as I can find them:

  • He became famous through the video-sharing app, Vine
  • He’s part of a (band/group/something?) called Magcon that goes on tours
  • He also posts to Instagram, YouTube, etc.

On his Twitter, this guy has more than a million followers – no small feat, I’m sure. A loyal fan base, if you will. Now, Monday evening – or, at least, that’s when I came across it – a man by the name of Tyler Oakley, another YouTube personality (that’s a thing now?) called Taylor out for this video, which he filmed about two years ago (language NSFW).

Click to watch the video. It’s only 37 seconds.

Okay. So. I imagine most of you had the same reaction after watching that, that I did. Disbelief, mixed with rage, sadness, disappointment, you name it. I just couldn’t believe it. So I watched it again. The feelings did not abate.

There are a few angles I want to approach this from. Obviously, the first would be the content of the video. I will never understand how anyone can say something like “I have nothing against blank, but…” then go on to trash talk them. Saying you have nothing against someone does not give you the right to say whatever you want about them. How can anyone think differently?

Secondly, pertaining to the content, this kid, after saying he finds it fucked up how gay people make love, corrects himself: he says man on man is disgusting, but woman on woman? Well, he can understand that.

WHAT? WHAT? I can’t even…like…what? It defies reason that someone can say this, quite seriously, as if it’s logical. Perhaps he likes watching lesbian porn, so that’s why woman on woman is okay? Not only does this blatantly display his ignorance of the meaning of “gay”, it brings misogyny in as well. Objectification, anyone? Here’s a joke: why was the blog writer odd? Because he couldn’t even.

As far as I can tell from searching through literally thousands of tweets (more on that in a minute), the Tyler Oakley dude, who is himself a homosexual and an “advocate for LGBT youth” according to his bio, is not without controversy himself. From what I can gather, he called out the Taylor Caniff guy for that video linked above. Twitter exploded, and this was the tweet, from Caniff, that kept popping up:


Spelling mistakes aside –and you know how much I hate spelling mistakes – this tweet, to many, many people, not only failed to apologize, but further insinuated that he hadn’t done anything wrong by posting the video. Now, I’ve also seen a bunch of tweets referencing an apology he made. I couldn’t find it anywhere, but I actually only looked on Twitter. And only back to May 26 or so. And even that is far more research than I normally put into these things.

The next thing, and the thing that worries me the most, is the fandom. Oh, the fandom. “Taylor Caniff” was trending on Twitter, at least Canada-wide, as was “WeLoveYouTaylor”. Wait, what? We LOVE you? I waded through insufferable tweet after insufferable tweet, grimacing at blatant spelling and grammar errors, to bring you some screenshots. Mixed among the rubble were a few tweets like this:

against tweet

That may be a little harsh. But, sadly, there were far, far more like this.

girl tweets


I just…it blows my mind. My first thought was, why do kids who appear to be no more than 13 even have Twitter? What the hell? The vast majority of the fans appeared to be young people, and it frightens me how singular-minded they can be.

I just don’t understand. Who’s to blame here? Is anyone to blame? This guy, through whatever means, has become a role model for hundreds of thousands of people. Obviously he’s done things to merit this, but the scary part is how his fans are blind to everything negative. He posts a homophobic, misogynistic, and downright disgusting video, and people are JUMPING to defend him.

“Oh it was two years ago, get over it.” That was a common defense I saw.

“Why are people hating? Taylor doesn’t deserve this.” Another popular one.

Do these young followers support this guy because they think he’ll lavish attention on them? Half of them were crying for a follow (it’s a Twitter thing…never mind), as well as bestowing well-wishes and claiming their undying love for this person they’ve, in all likelihood, never met nor will ever meet. Perhaps they think by leaping to his defense, they’ll earn a place in his good books? I don’t know. I can barely remember this morning, much less how I thought when I was a 13 year old.

If that’s the explanation, it’s ridiculous. However, it’s probably better than the alternative: these kids actually think he did nothing wrong.

Another popular defense of this guy was that “everyone is allowed to have an opinion.” And yes, unfortunately his opinion is probably shared by more people than it should be. But here’s the difference: these people didn’t go on social media and post their opinion, which was also phrased extremely crudely, to hundreds of thousands of young, impressionable people. There’s having an opinion, and then there’s hate speech. No one has a right, regardless of their opinion or “fame”, to infringe on anyone else’s rights. When will people realize that?

Not all young people sided with Caniff, though. And the ones who didn’t were spouting stuff that was just as bad, and proves that Twitter and internet access in general should be banned, or strictly monitored, until you’re 18, at LEAST. Among the most popular wishes was for the young man to kill himself. Obviously, not cool. About 45 minutes after I stumbled into this deluge of tweeting and hash tagging, the man under fire posted a Vine showing him driving in a car at night. This led to another Twitter explosion, this time of fans begging Taylor not to kill himself, begging him to favourite a tweet or something, just to show them he was alright. People were still tweeting him messages of #bestrong etc. when I shut down the computer for the night.

Here was the scariest moment of all, though.

commits 2
commits 3

This guy – intentionally or not – has people wrapped around his finger. These people have never met him, yet are saying if he kills himself, they too will kill themselves. What the HELL is going on?

Again I ask, who’s to blame here? Is Taylor Caniff to blame for gaining the affection of hundreds of thousands of people, and not being a proper role model? Are the fans to blame, for blinding themselves to his faults, for whatever reason, and turning a fandom into almost a cult? Are their parents to blame for raising them in a way that doesn’t allow acceptance of people who are different?

I don’t know. I really don’t know. The one thing I do know, though, is that there has never been a better time to use this picture.


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North Island and things

Hey all!

Well, it’s official: Kylie got her placement confirmed at a school in Auckland, and we’ve booked our flights (plural needed due to a large excess of baggage…between the two of us…).

I’m excited, as not only do I get to see a new place, I get to start the countdown for leaving the pallet-making company. Surprisingly, the job isn’t bad at all. It goes quickly, builds strength, and isn’t very difficult to comprehend. That being said, I don’t want to do it for like seven years or anything.

I made a comprehensive to-do list of things I want to, well, do, while I’m on North Island:

  1. Check out the Lord of the Rings sites
  2. Other things too, probably

Other than that, things are pretty much the same. We’ve kind of settled into a routine: I get up at 6:30, go to work to pay the bills, then collapse in bed around 10:30 and pass out. It’s been winter here for almost three weeks, and I bought my first new “coat” since starting university back in ’08. It looks kind of like a peacoat, but is nowhere near as warm. However, it’s still too warm for the “winter” here.

To pass the time between finishing work and going into my nightly coma, I’ve been playing the guitar a bit. I’ve been posting 15 second covers on Instagram – they’re perfect because I can sound good for 15 seconds. That being said, I did create a soundcloud for longer covers, and just posted the first one – you can check that out here if you so desire.

Exciting things are on the horizon. Follow along so you don’t miss out!

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Back to the north

Hello all! Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently; it was my birthday week and so I’ve been getting belligerently drunk all day every day for the last seven or eight days.

JUST KIDDING! I’ve been going to bed at 10 p.m. so I can get up to go to the pallet factory. But I’m only there for another 8 weeks or so; after that, I’m moving up to Auckland!

What!? Well hey now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. These things –that is, life recaps – have to be done in chronological order; it’s the rule.

You may have noticed a few semicolons used in the past few paragraphs (if you didn’t, don’t worry, at least you’re pretty); I’ve been working on my future-best-selling novel and have slowly become comfortable using them – correctly or not remains to be seen – again after having them beaten out of me at the Gazette. I’m pumped with the progress I’ve made, although it is slow going. They say every story has a beginning, middle, and end, right? Well, I’ve written the beginning and end, and now all I have left to do is fill in the middle. Should be easy!

In other news, I had a winter birthday for the first time ever. Apparently June 1 is the first day of “winter” in this strange land?

chch winter

Anyways, to celebrate, I went to a bar with about five or six young women – Kylie, her flatmates and their friends. I felt old.

Kylie, being the creative entity she is, got me a few awesome gifts:

Yeah, it's a Zelda mug; fill it with hot water, and the heart container fills up.

Yeah, it’s a Zelda mug; fill it with hot water, and the heart container fills up.

big cup

As you can tell, the theme this year was “mugs.” She also got me some books and candy, and her flatmate Susie got me a very rude card as well.

So now, onto the travel plans! It all actually seemed to come together rather nicely, as if the universe were saying “hey guy, you should go to Auckland, or something.” I applied for a radio internship in Auckland, and although I didn’t get it (at least, I haven’t heard from them yet and it starts on the 16 so I assume that) it got me thinking it’d be exciting to check out Auckland. Then, Kylie’s placement coordinator sent out an email saying they wanted people to do their placements outside of Christchurch. THEN, one of the airlines offered some pretty sick deals for flights, including some to Auckland and back. So we’re heading up at the end of July just for a weekend to take my bag of stuff and one of Kylie’s bags, find a place, check out the lay of the land, etc. Then, August 9 we head up again, taking Kylie’s remaining bags, and we’ll be there for like two months or something. Pretty exciting!

I’m now counting down the days until I move on from the pallet factory. I’ll be pursuing the background talent stuff so who knows, maybe I’ll become a huge New Zealand star?

Doubtful, but follow me just in case.

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