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Fifteen minutes of fame

Well everyone, my fifteen minutes of fame has come to an end.


The top 20 for the MuchMusic VJ search has ended, and unfortunately the road stops here for me. That being said, I’m not too upset—top 40 was far more than I ever anticipated, and I’m happy with that.


I just wanted to thank everyone who supported me, whether that was by helping me with my video, liking my links, sharing my profile or even not unfriending me as I was spamming every day. Your help got me to top 40 ahead of over 500 other people, so thank you.


It’s been tough keeping this whole thing secret, so I’m glad I can finally talk about it! As for some other updates in my life, my brother and I were unfortunately not picked for the Amazing Race Canada show—not surprising, since there were over 40 000 submissions.


Out of those three things I said I wanted to do way back when, all my hopes and dreams are now pinned on that short-story contest with the Toronto Star. No idea when I’ll be hearing about that, but I’ll keep ya posted, cool?


Other than that, nothing all that exciting is going on, so for now, happy Easter/Passover!


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