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“Reading” week

So, reading week has come and gone—and it wasn’t restful at all. If you recall, a while back I posted a bunch of things I wanted to do.

Well guess what? I did them all.

A bunch of times I thought to myself “well, what if I only focus on one?” but then I recalled the post, and forced myself onwards.

So! The first thing was a short story. I planned it out, typed it up, got some opinions on it, and submitted it with two days to spare. I can’t post it yet because the contest specifies you can’t publish it until the contest is over, and I’m not sure if posting on a blog would count. As soon as I can, though, I’ll post it for you all to read, since I know you’re dying to.

Second thing on the list was to audition for MuchMusic’s VJ Search. With the help of a bunch of friends, I managed to put together a profile and video, and it’s doing pretty well. Exciting stuff! You can (and should!) check out the profile here, and don’t forget to rate it!

A big thank you to Kien Tran for filming and editing the video, and special thanks to Rebecca Wallace, Sarah Wallace, Karley McLennan, Heather Scharer, Kaitlyn Mraud, James Priestman and Mike Koutoupis for their various contributions.

Finally, my brother and I sat down and hacked out an Amazing Race Canada audition video—you can view that here.

All in all it was a pretty exciting reading week, making for a potentially exciting future I guess? Thanks to the internet for holding me accountable. Make sure to follow me on Twitter:


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Happy Family Day!

It’s Family Day today. Happy Family day all!

This is a good one for me. For the first time since its inception, I’m home and don’t have to work—meaning I get to actually spend the day with my family.

We actually started it out last night, with a family bowling outing. It was actually pretty awesome—all of us were at least decent at the actual bowling, and Prime Time had a bar and kitchen. PERFECT.

Anyways, although I didn’t win, it was still fun. Then we came home and played cribbage. Yes, normally it’s a max-four-person-game, but we tweaked it so it worked for five.

All in all, it was a fun evening. Today, for actual Family Day, we’re going to celebrate by all sleeping in until early afternoon, then who knows what will ensue?

Seriously though, family is kind of important, I guess. I wouldn’t be where I was today without my parents—and not just because they created me; no, their support (and sometimes money) has been invaluable (or a specific value I needed) and never lacking. Back in grade 12 I planned on returning for a victory lap, and my parents supported it. At the last minute, I realized it wasn’t right for me and quickly decided to go to university—my parents supported me. I told them I wanted to be a journalist.

Mom and Dad

I know you guys love pictures, so here’s one of Mom and Dad

They cringed, but supported me nonetheless. My dad even said I could always come back and live with them if I was short on cash.

When I decided to take a couple of weeks off work and go backpacking, I had the support. When I recently suggested I may just move to the UK and try to find a job there, I had support and reassurances that, should I fail to establish a life there, I was always welcome back home. Right now I have so many doors open, and feel as if I can do anything, go anywhere I want, and it’s all because of my parents’ support.

So thank you.

The next most important family member is my dog, Bailey. She makes me feel good because she acts so happy whenever I come into a room. She’s really nice.


My puppy, Bailey

Then there are my siblings. I have a brother and a sister, both younger, both kind of annoying. But they’re family, and sometimes alright.

It’s cool to have people to talk to when you can’t tell your parents, or people who’ll have you’re back when you’re doing something you can’t tell your parents, or even to blame something on when you’ve done something you can’t tell your parents. They’re more bearable now, since I don’t have to share a car with them and typically don’t see them much more than once a month or so.

I can’t think of any moments off the top of my head, but I’m sure they’ve contributed in a positive way to my life at some point, so thanks, guys.


Me, sister, brother, a shark and some guy

If you’re unable to be with your family today, don’t fret. There’s this thing called Skype if you can’t call them or text them—maybe you can get in touch that way? If not, remember, ‘family’ can extend outside of your immediate family. Grab some friends and enjoy the day off work.


The fam in Mexico

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PS. For those of you keeping track of those goals I set for myself: I finished the rough draft of my short story yesterday. The rules of the competition say it can’t be published, though, so I’m hesitant to put it on here, seeing as I don’t know if that counts as publishing. But I did finish it, I swear. Today I start prepping for my MuchMusic VJ audition, and later on this week my brother and I are going to do our Amazing Race Audition. Exciting!


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In honour of the Grammys…

In honour of the Grammy’s on Sunday, I thought I’d post my little rendition of the A Team. Sure, it’s not Ed Sheeran, but he had Sir Elton to help him. Check it out:

The A Team

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The Gazette Sex Issue: a model is born

This week, I made a couple debuts. First, my modeling debut, then a bit later, my “being turned into a piece of art” debut.  Let’s start with the former.

For those not in the know, each year The Gazette (that newspaper I work for, if you recall) has a Sex Issue. This issue is where the stories focus on topics that maybe aren’t discussed as often as others, such as masturbation, shaving your private regions, maybe even new sex toys. It also has a sex survey and a bunch of sexy photos.

This year, we decided to go for a retro, 50s-style feel. Modern relationships in a not-so-modern setting.

(Check out the issue HERE.)

We ran into some issues, though. For whatever reason, only one of the four male models we had recruited was willing to do male on male shots. Obviously we want to be representative of all people, so I volunteered to step in. My photos that made it in are on the cover, and page six. If you’re too lazy to go through the issue, here they are:



There were also a few that didn’t make it into the hard copy of the paper, but will be in an online gallery at some point. Here’s my favourite of the bunch:



Now my second debut. I don’t really have much to say about this, but if the creator of this piece sees this post somehow, I just want them to know: cool piece.



Yes, that’s my face.

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Black History Month

Happy Black History Month, everyone!

In celebration, I’ve managed to dig up a documentary I created on Black History Month in London. It was my first year in the radio business so cut me some slack on the kind of lame voice!

Check it out here: Black History Month Documentary


Let me know what you think! Tweet me:




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